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My Writing Companion with the use of Leonardo Al to create this image.  She really was with me!

Finding Strength, in Adversity; My Journey of Compassion, Canine Companionship and the Power of AI


Allow me to introduce myself. Throughout the past year or so I've embarked on a voyage marked by resilience and imagination. This expedition has not only guided me through hurdles but has also reignited my writing and entrepreneurial spirit, It is thanks to the unwavering support from my family, church community, and my beloved canine companion, a Chow Chow. The boundless potential of artificial intelligence has truly captivated my interest.

"I'm Back."

These three simple words hold significance in my life. They symbolize a return to pursuing my passion for writing for clients while venturing into entrepreneurship. When I lost my mother – who was not only the pillar of our family after the passing of my father but also served as my closest confidante and friend since my teenage years. After my mother passed, grief and loneliness weighed heavily upon me. Moving forward seemed impossible. However, fueled by determination and aided by some allies I managed to discover a path toward healing and unleashing creativity.

During this period my faith, family, and friends were my sources of strength. Surprisingly it was my Chow Chow who stood by me the most. Having had dogs throughout my life I never fully realized the bond between humans and their four-legged companions until experiencing pain. It is the daily presence of my canine friend that brings comfort and gives me a reason to keep moving

Exploring the world of artificial intelligence has opened my eyes to its power in various forms of business writing like blogs and articles. Embracing this challenge excites me as I genuinely enjoy pushing myself. I am grateful for the articles by writers who have provided examples of using AI prompts.

By sharing my journey, I aim to inspire others while highlighting the potential that ever-evolving technology, particularly AI holds for writers, entrepreneurs, and creative minds alike. I hope that my story encourages all those who share a passion for writing, entrepreneurship, and a curiosity, about AI.

The phrase "I'm Back” represents a fusion of faith, compassion, and my unwavering determination not to let go to waste the years of experience and love bestowed upon me by my devoted parents.

The unwavering loyalty of a pet and the boundless potential of artificial intelligence has created exciting opportunities to inspire others to follow suit.

Thank you for taking the time to read this far and in the coming days I look forward to sharing articles that detail the progress and discoveries made on this adventure.

PS I have a feeling there's a book waiting to be written about all of this.

Best regards,